When it comes to food, you will have a hard time finding more choices than you will find in Mexico. Some of the most popular places to eat aren’t even in a building, but at a street vendor. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are available all over most cities and provide quick refreshment. Tamales are a staple in Mexico and you can find some of the best in world at those same street vendors. However, you want to make sure the vendor at least looks clean and uses gloves when preparing or giving you your food.

Tlacoyos are wonderful little bits of corn dough that contain fava or red beans and a mild cheese. Papadzules are tortillas that are filled with hard boiled eggs and covered with a green sauce made from ground up pumpkin seeds. Tacos that are filled with pork that is grilled on a spit are common here and not the American variety found in the States. Depending on how adventuresome you are, the street vendors can provide an authentic taste of Mexico.