While most places in Mexico are relatively safe, be sure to install the absolute best keylogger software on your child’s device to track their phone use, location and much more because there are a few areas that the United States recommends avoiding. Mexico City can be dangerous in terms of street crimes, such as pickpockets and robberies. Tiujana has seen an increase in crimes such as kidnappings and rape. It is essential that you are aware of your surrounding at all times.

Protect your drink in the local clubs and bars to avoid any drug contamination. Keep your valuables locked in the hotel safe and carry only the cash you need, such as when you are playing slots at a casino. Avoid using ATM’s at night and travel in groups when possible. It is especially important that women stay in a group when traveling to Mexico. You should also watch what water you drink. If possible, use only bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. This will avoid any chance of getting sick from the local water supply. Many of these tips are valuable no matter which country you travel to.